Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In this blog you will be asked to choose a world record from guiness site. Each pair will:

 Write a personal diary of the person who holds the record. 

  1. Write about his feelings and thoughts during the process of developing his record
  2. His difficulties
  3. His family's attitude towards his record
  4. Describe the record.
  5. Add pictutes and movies.
  6. Record yourself telling the class what record would you like to break. Explain why. Upload your movie to the Youtube and embed it in your post.


  1. 1. My name is Donald Groske and I hold the record for the biggest McDonald’s BigMac's consumer. I feels excited every time I go to McDonald's and I eat big macs for 40 years.
    2. He has to buy all the things that McDonald’s sell and he is addicted to eating hamburgers.
    3. His wife worries about his health.
    4. He consumed his 26,000th McDonald’s Big Mac on 11 October 2012.

    1. Personal diary :
      Hello Today we talk about the unusual Guinness World Record!
      This is the kind of border collie dog / Australian shepherd ran 100 meters with a can balanced on his head.
      And you got to talk what he went through before and after the peak:
      1. feelings and Mhsovotio during peak they hope, views, faith and devotion.
      The owner of the dog and the dog during peak numbers so they were happy and it just promoted them in every possible way!
      2. The difficulty was that more participants is this peak but the dog had to get around to everyone to win.
      3. The ratio of its peak family, family is very happy because she has supported and trained the dog throughout.
      4. The guinness world record :
      The fastest 100 m with a can balanced on head by a dog is 2 min 55 sec achieved by Sweet Pea, an Australian Shepherd / Border Collie cross and her owner Alex Rothaker (USA) at the college of Lake County, Grayslake, Illinois, USA , on 3 September 2008.
      5.http: // (dog)

  2. Personal diary of Caine Eckstein :
    tuesday - 6/7
    (1) im so tired but so happy ,(2) I practiced all day to stay in shape for the record and it's very hard to do that all the day and not to do Daily stuff.(3) also, my family is always Support me and say im the best! but I think that somrtimes they are sad that im not Available to be with them. (4) oh i'm so clumsy! I forget to tell you about my record. so, I did 4210 Pull-Ups in 12 hours- my hands still hearts. (5)

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