Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Going To Extremes- My Personal Diary

ofek  malka
.Eran Katz broke the Guinness world record in memory
Eran Katz trained his memory at first to succeed in examinations 
.and tests
At first Eran Katz was hard to break the record, but he developed 
.methods for example: concentration exercises and associations

Eran Katz Family Help Eran break the record to support him, his 
.family tried his methods and encouraged him to break the record

To break the record needs to practice and believe in your methods always try to connect to anything so it was easy to remember, it's not easy to break the record but Eran says that anyone who wants 
.to break the record can break the record

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


                                                                        Dear Diary

1.I'm so happy! I did it - I reached my goal.   
I cant believe it,I'm still Shocked and exiting that I'm the fastest man in the world!

2.In the one hand,it is very fun and make me exited.
  on the other hand-I also had a lot difficulties and sometimes I was very tired because of the hard work...

I always need to stay in shape and practice every day - but the worst thing is that my family very Worried about me,they afraid that I'll get hurt And sometimes it makes me worry too, but I overcome it even if its not that easy.

3.but after all, I'm glad that my family is supportive me and care about me in those moment,I think that I could not to do this all without them.
4.Wow! I think that From all the excitement I forget to tell you about the record. 
100-metre dash, is a sprint race in track and field competitions. The shortest common outdoor running distance, it is one of the most popular and prestigious events in the sport of athletics.

יוסיין בולט האיש המהיר בעולם


Adi matok                                                                                
Liel ben hamo


שיא גינס לשישה ישראלים: שחו מקפריסין לישראל

הצוות שחה במשמרות 380 קילומטר במשך 125 שעות מפאפוס עד לחוף ראשון לציון, וקבעו שיא בשחייה במים פתוחים.

1. World record by swimming from Israel to Cyprus - break the record prepared a lot going on to break the record are kept in shape for a long time, proper nutrition, they swam long distances to work out.
2.Their difficulties were also found time to be with family and focus on training.
3. their families Think of break the record that is good that families proud representatives will break the world record, and by them this is family pride.
4.380 km, 125 hours of swimming, six Israeli swimmers and one Guinness world record. Audi Erel, encouraged bravado, Luke tabun, Doron laden, human and Uri rock broke the Guinness world record in swimming in open water after swimming in a row from Paphos, Cyprus and on to Rishon Lezion, a distance of 380 miles, 14 more than the previous record established by a group of Americans. The six tried to set the record last year, but the storm has caused the cancellation of the race after about 180 miles. This time, after announcing they would try again, they met the challenge.

6.לא הבנתי איך עובדים עם הווקי

NAME:roni bensimon

Aviv and Adi - task diary

dear diary
yesterday I broke the record - The appearance of the long stand-up world.
its was a 42 hours and 20 minutes, I was tired but its was fun.
 1I was under pressure just before he went on stage, I'm not sure I can do it.
I was just thinking about how I'm hungry and I eat shawarma one
of the people who were sitting in the front row
2I could not speak, my mouth was dry and my mind was blank. I could almost think of something funny. Luckily I had retsina.
3I don't have a big family... my brother is funny too. my father loves the many that I an give every month.
4this record talking about a funny time. I just do a fun. and make happy the viewers.
I just made a new Voki. See it here:

Caine Eckstein Talks Chin-Up World Records

personal diary of Caine Eckstein :
tuesday - 6/7
 im so tired but so happy ,
 I practiced all day to stay in shape for the record and it's very hard to do that all the day and not to do Daily stuff/
 also, my family is always Support me and say im the best! but I think that somrtimes they are sad that im not Available to be with them.
 oh i'm so clumsy! I forget to tell you about my record. so, I did 4210 Pull-Ups in 12 hours- my hands still hearts.

I just made a new Voki. See it here:

I just made a new Voki. See it here

Nicole rozovski,tamar govzman

Sunday march
15th 2015

Hi my name is jack.

I broke a personal record, I surfed
the highest wave in the world.

1. I felt like it was the scariest
thing I have ever done. but not bad scary , a good scary , it was the craziest
thing I have ever done in my life. It was very fun and very unique.  it was a great  experience and I hope I’ll get the chance to
do this again.

2. The water were very cold that day ,
and I felt like the water is frozen. The water got into my eyes and I didn’t
see anything. because of that , I almost 
fall  of my surfboard and I
thought that this is over and I am going to die 
, but I didn’t and that was a miracle.

3.When I got home, I told my sister
about what happened, she was really angry, she didn’t understand how I got out
of this, but then she realized that everything was fine so she was proud of me,
and all family except that and help me.

4. As I told you  ,I broke a personal record, I surfed the
highest wave in the world and it was very scary and fun. It  was about 30 meters.



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Monday, March 16, 2015

Noa Shuqrun, Tamar Peisakhovitch, Adi Heldenberg.

!Dear Dairy                            
Who broke a record is Giotti Amgh
Feelings and thoughts of Giotti: on the one hand G'oiti excited and delighted that broke a record but the same time she is sad because she thought what would happen if there was higher, whether her life would have been easier and was like most kids?

Its difficulties are: Giotto Amgh has a rare syndrome that prevent her from growing.Maybe even makes fun of due her height.Maybe have a problem with the clothing (find clothes)…

The family's ratio to her record: the family of Giotti supports Giotto and proud of her record breaking.
Giotti's family made her feel that she is no different.

The record of Giotti Amgh is to be the world's smallest woman, Giotti was 19 years old and her height is
 only 60 centimeters and weighing only five kilograms.

The record that we want to break is to be the most flexibility girl
We want to break this record to specialize in sports, be fit, do extreme sports and live a sporty, healthy lifestyle.

English work of Eden Barabi and Flor Menashe

6\8\2009                              Dear Diary
My popular record 400 regular drinking straws into my mouth one block,
It all started one day I read the Guinness Book online and I wanted to buy my own record I was looking for what I'm good and maybe remember what my mother I was small I did and she told me I would put straws here so I decided to enrich the number of straws in the mouth and enter the record books.
The family was very supportive and I wanted to succeed, but she was afraid something would happen to me choking hardness as digestive problems and damage to the gums and tongue.
Description reaching a peak:
 I sat in a lot of days in an attempt to put as many straws here bloc was hard at first I could not friends laughed at me but finally after efforts could and put 400 straws here one block.

I had fun to share with you Simon Elmore  

  • eden barabi and flor menashe

Saturday, March 14, 2015

the Answers of the exercises

1) my name is nick stoeberi and i hold the guinness record of the longest tongue - 10.1 cm and im not just born with it i had a lot Exercises to work

2) i had very hard difficulties on the exercises like i had to get my  tongue to
my neck 100 times in a day .

3) my family was very okay with that imfact my brother have long tongue too but not as my.

4) as i said i have the longest tongue - 10.1 cm its really huge and its so fun to ate ice cream