Monday, March 16, 2015

Noa Shuqrun, Tamar Peisakhovitch, Adi Heldenberg.

!Dear Dairy                            
Who broke a record is Giotti Amgh
Feelings and thoughts of Giotti: on the one hand G'oiti excited and delighted that broke a record but the same time she is sad because she thought what would happen if there was higher, whether her life would have been easier and was like most kids?

Its difficulties are: Giotto Amgh has a rare syndrome that prevent her from growing.Maybe even makes fun of due her height.Maybe have a problem with the clothing (find clothes)…

The family's ratio to her record: the family of Giotti supports Giotto and proud of her record breaking.
Giotti's family made her feel that she is no different.

The record of Giotti Amgh is to be the world's smallest woman, Giotti was 19 years old and her height is
 only 60 centimeters and weighing only five kilograms.

The record that we want to break is to be the most flexibility girl
We want to break this record to specialize in sports, be fit, do extreme sports and live a sporty, healthy lifestyle.

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