Monday, March 16, 2015

English work of Eden Barabi and Flor Menashe

6\8\2009                              Dear Diary
My popular record 400 regular drinking straws into my mouth one block,
It all started one day I read the Guinness Book online and I wanted to buy my own record I was looking for what I'm good and maybe remember what my mother I was small I did and she told me I would put straws here so I decided to enrich the number of straws in the mouth and enter the record books.
The family was very supportive and I wanted to succeed, but she was afraid something would happen to me choking hardness as digestive problems and damage to the gums and tongue.
Description reaching a peak:
 I sat in a lot of days in an attempt to put as many straws here bloc was hard at first I could not friends laughed at me but finally after efforts could and put 400 straws here one block.

I had fun to share with you Simon Elmore  

  • eden barabi and flor menashe

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